Photoelectric Smoke Detectors

FSP-851, FSP-851T, FSP-851R, FSL-751

The FSP-851 is a Photoelectric detector for use with ONYX Series panels.

The FSP-851T is a Photoelectric detector with thermal detection for use with ONYX Series panels.

The FSP-851R is a Photoelectric detector suitable for use with DNR(W) duct smoke detectors and ONYX Series panels.

The FSL-751 is a High sensitivity photoelectric detector for use with ONYX Series panels.

Our photoelectric detector’s unique optical sensing chamber is engineered to sense smoke produced by a wide range of combustion sources. Intelligent (addressable) detectors include point ID capability that enable each detector address to be set with rotary address switches to provide exact detector locations. The sensitivity can be programmed using the control panel software to suit the environment. In addition, detector sensitivity is continually monitored and reported to the panel.

Features & Benefits:

  • Photoelectric smoke detection
  • Analog communications
  • Low standby current
  • Rotary address switches
  • Dual LEDs for 360° visibility


  • FSP-851 - Photoelectric smoke detection Operating temperature: 32°F to 120°F (0°C to 49°C)
  • FSP-851T - Photoelectric smoke detection with thermal detection
    • Operating temperature:  32°F to 100°F (0°C to 38°C)
  • FSP-851R - Photoelectric detection suitable for use with DNR(W) duct smoke detectors
    • Operating temperature: 32°F to 120°F (0°C to 49°C)
  • FSL-751 - High sensitivity photoelectric detection
    • Operating temperature: 32° to 100°F (0° to 38°C)
  • Rotary address switches for point identification and quick installation
  • Dual LEDs for 360° visibility


FSP-851, FSP-851T and FSP-851R

  • UL Listed: S1115.
  • MEA Listed: 225-02-E .
  • FM Approved
  • CSFM: 7272-0028:0206
  • Maryland State Fire Marshal: Permit # 2122
  • BSMI: CI313066760036
  • CCCF: Certif. # 2004081801000017 (FSP-851T) Certif. # 2004081801000016 (FSP-851)
  • U.S. Coast Guard: 161.002/42/1 (NFS-640); 161.002/50/0 (NFS2-640/NFS-320/NFS-320C, excluding B210LP(A))
  • Lloyd’s Register: 11/600013 (NFS2-640/NFS-320/NFS-320C, excluding B210LP(A))


  • UL Listed: S1115
  • MEA Listed: 128-07-E (NFS2-640, NFS-320); 3-02-E
  • FM Approved
  • CSFM: 7272-0028:0218
  • BSMI: CI313066760036
  • CCCF: Certif. # 2004081801000015

When used with NFS2-640/NFS-320, MARINE-EQ, and appropriate seismic bracket, these detectors are approved by the following agencies:

  • U.S. Coast Guard: 161.002/50/0 (Standard 46 CFR)
  • Lloyd's Register: 11/600013 (ENV 3 category)


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