The High Speed NOTI-FIRE-NET™ intelligent life safety network links multiple NOTIFIER intelligent fire alarm control panels together as one for cooperative control and network-wide monitoring.

High-Speed NOTI-FIRE-NET™ (HS-NFN) is the interface which allows NOTIFIER Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panels to form a network. Each local control panel (network node) maintains its own area of protection, while monitoring and controlling other areas (other network nodes). Local information is displayed at each network node. In areas such as a security office, where the entire network must be monitored, network annunciators are available.

  • HS-NCM-MF High Speed Network Control Module (Multimode Fiber)
  • HS-NCM-MFSF High Speed Network Control Module (Multimode Fiber/Single mode Fiber)
  • HS-NCM-SF High Speed Network Control Module (Single mode Fiber)
  • HS-NCM-W-2 High Speed Network Control Module (Wire)
  • HS-NCM-WMF-2 High Speed Network Control Module (Wire/Multimode Fiber)
  • HS-NCM-WSF-2 High Speed Network Control Module (Wire/Single mode Fiber)

Features & Benefits:

  • Fiber optic (multi-mode and/or single-mode fiber), wire, or combination wire/fiber communications path
  • NFPA Style 4 or Style 7 network operation
  • Based on peer-to-peer network architecture
  • High-speed data communications—40% faster than NOTI-FIRE-NET (12Mb for wire, 100 Mb for fiber)
  • Supports all ONYX® Series Fire Alarm Control Panels
  • Supports NWS, FirstVisionTM, BACnet and Modus, CAP, VESDA-HLI, SLC-IM and LED Sign Gateway applications
  • Increased network node capacity to 200 nodes for large applications


  • 2 Node Addresses per network card
  • Network control-by-event
  • Inherently regenerative system.  Each node acts as a repeater to reshape and regenerate data signals


  • NFS-3030/NFS2-3030
  • NFS-640/NFS2-640
  • NFS-320
  • NCA/NCA-2

Wire Specifications:

  • Distance: 3000 feet
  • Gauge: 14-18 AWG
  • Configuration: Point-to-Point Bus

Fiber (Multimode) Specifications:

  • 62.5/125µm: 10 dB limit
  • 50.0/125µm: 6.5 dB limit
  • Wavelength: 1310nm
  • Fiber Connector Style: LC

Fiber (Single mode) Specifications:

  • 9.0/125µm: 30 dB limit
  • Wavelength: 1310nm
  • Fiber Connector Style: LC


  • UL/ULC Listed: S635 (HS-NCM, Printer), S5526 (ONYXWorks)
  • FM Approved (HS-NCM)
  • CSFM: 7300-0028:0257 (HS-NCM), 7300-1525:0103:0103 (ONYXWorks)
  • FDNY: COA #6022 (HS-NCM), COA #6041 (ONYXWorks)


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