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Need help with NOTIFIER products and solutions? Here's how to contact us. 

Office and Support

Canada Office

  • NOTIFIER Canada
  • Tel: 1-888-289-1114
  • Tel: 905-608-6110



Find a Sales Contact

Name: Sacha Debleds

Title: Director of Sales

Email: Sacha.Debleds@Honeywell.com

Contact Number: 416-320-0740


Name: Alexandre Tremblay

Title: Regional Sales Manager

Email: Alex.Tremblay@honeywell.com

Contact Number: 514-462-1569

Region: Eastern Canada

State: (NB, NL, NS, PE, QC)

Name: Tim Renaud

Title: Regional Sales Manager

Email: Tim.Renaud@Honeywell.com

Contact Number: Tel: 905-264-5356 / Mobile: 604-290-3748

Region: Western Canada

State: (AB, BC, SK, MB, NT, NU, YT)

Name: Chris Wilson

Title: Regional Sales Manager

Email: Chris.Wilson2@honeywell.com

Contact Number: Mobile: 647-261-1451

Region: Ontario

State: (ON)