Digital Series Distribution Board and Amplifiers providing digital bulk audio evacuation capability.

The DS-DB Digital Series Distribution Board and DS-AMP amplifiers provide digital bulk audio evacuation capability to the Digital Voice Command (DVC) system. The DS-DB/AMP combination can reduce required hardware in both new and retrofit applications, and is well suited for upgrade/retrofit of existing bulk audio systems.

Features and Benefits:

  • Multi-media support allowing the preferred media (wire, single mode fiber, multi-mode) to be used
  • Firefighter/Emergency telephone circuit for easy distribution emergency phones
  • Flexible Backup Amp configurations to customize the operation and capability of each amplifier
  • Backup alarm message storage enables a message to be played in the event the digital audio loop is compromised


  • Input capacity of four digital audio channels
  • Four low-level audio outputs for connection to amplifiers in the same cabinet
  • Eight high-level audio inputs (four primary, four backup),each input capable of handling 125W of audio at 25VRMS or 100W at 70.7VRMS when used with DS-AMP
  • Four Class A/eight Class B 125W audio speaker circuits, each of which can output all 125 watts from any one of the four high level primary inputs or four high-level backup inputs when used with DS-AMP
  • Local FFT riser, for two way firefighter/emergency communications


  • UL Listed: S635
  • ULC Listed: S635
  • CSFM: 7165-0028:0234 (NFS2-640/NFS-320), 7165-0028:0224 (NFS2-3030)
  • Fire Dept. of New York: COA#6121 (NFS2-640/NFS-320), COA#6114 (NFS2-3030)
  • FM Approved
  • Seismic


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