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eVance Features and Benefits

Learn more about how eVance services help you manage and grow your business more efficiently than ever.

Inspection manager software provides the ability to have multiple people testing the fire system at the same time. You can receive a panel event from a mobile device when testing, or scan a barcode for non-addressable points to select and execute the test and capture the results. You’ll have the ability to pass/fail/skip an item, add notes, corrective actions, take and attach a photo, and generate and sign reports on the spot.

You can see and manage all jobs on the calendar, accept or reject jobs, and view customer information, as well as track time and add notes about resolving situations at job sites or even generate a new job on site.

eVance™ connects you to your customer and the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). By granting “external customers” 24/7 rights to eVance™ your customer can access for our secure Cloud their own files and professional compliant reports from their inspections. Service managers can use eVance™ to dispatch and manage resources, add and assign jobs, and improve routing efficiency.

Customers benefit by having access to inspection reports 24/7, and they can see the work that’s been scheduled or completed.

Inspection Manager


  • Visual documentation for enhanced reporting, service call scheduling, and corrective action planning
  • Onsite sign and submit inspection capability
  • Create custom test plans from extensive equipment list
  • Professional and compliant online reports library which can be customized with your company details


  • Increase productivity and number of inspections using mobile panel connectivity
  • Eliminate manual paperwork with integrated and automated tracking and reporting
  • Increase data and reporting accuracy by reducing human error and re-work

Service Manager


  • Develop comprehensive device inventory, including any existing barcoded devices
  • Asset management for tracking and notification of upcoming inspections and service visits
  • Visual mapping for scheduling technicians


  • Reduce call times and improve team efficiency by increasing first time fix rates
  • Increase customer satisfaction by proactive inspection and service engagements
  • Generate work orders and new jobs directly in the field