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Released: 01/08/2018

NOTIFIER System Manager is now available in the US and Canada

Access to your NOTIFIER fire alarm system is now available directly from your mobile device! NOTIFIER is excited to announce the release of System Manager - the modern-day solution for monitoring life safety systems! System Manager streamlines life safety system management through mobile event notification and access to detailed system information.

Compatible with NOTIFIER® ONYX panels, System Manager offers the following valuable benefits when paired with a web portal (or NFN gateway, BACNet gateway or NWS-3):

  • Respond Faster to Events and Alarms
    • Push notifications of system events allow you to monitor one building or multiple site events “on the go”
    • Drill down to see a summary of events in each building
    • Identify the number of active alarms
    • Resolve simple issues quickly
  • Increase Productivity
    • Receive detailed device information and history to efficiently troubleshoot
    • Diagnose system issues from anywhere with data at your fingertips
    • Review device history, along with any open maintenance items
    • System details can be easily forwarded via text/e-mail

System Manager is powered by eVance® Services and is a standalone module within eVance®. Although you don’t need to be an eVance user to access System Manager, the value of System Manager increases when combined with eVance® Inspection Manager and/or Service Manager.

  • With Inspection Manager, test information displays for off-normal devices, allowing you to receive extensive data for comprehensive troubleshooting and diagnosis
  • With Service Manager, your End-User will utilize the Service Ticket Link allowing them to easily request service from their provider

Designed with functionality that helps you quickly assess and track the progression of an event on your NOTIFIER fire alarm system in real-time, System Manager is easy to use. You can conveniently configure your monitoring profile, set up monitoring status for each building, and quickly filter notifications by event type directly from the app!