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NOTIFIER Expands Emergency Communication Systems Line

to Better Serve All Facility Types, Sizes

WOODBRIDGE, ONTARIO, June 16, 2014 – NOTIFIER by Honeywell (NYSE: HON) today introduced the FirstCommand emergency communication system (ECS), designed to seamlessly interface with virtually any commercial fire alarm to provide a system for broadcasting live voice messages, recorded general messages and emergency alerts. By leveraging the code-required single-channel voice evacuation in buildings with over 1,000 occupants FirstCommand offers small, standalone facilities a solution that is both economical and highly-reliable.

“The demand for a suitable ECS for smaller buildings like retail outlets, churches and theatres is steadily rising,” states Howard Diamond, NOTIFIER National Sales Manager, Canada. “Our goal was to make a flexible system that people could depend on and easily understand how to operate just by looking at it.”

As many as 14 pre-recorded messages can be customized for a facility to utilize for emergency alerts, as well as day-to-day notifications. With a message length of up to one minute for each of the 14 messages, FirstCommand can support detailed instructions and bi-lingual communications. This system can also be used for non-emergency functions such as live paging or background music.

FirstCommand joins NOTIFIER’s broad line of fire alarm and emergency communication solutions, capable of protecting facilities and campuses of any size or type. Whether intending to reach occupants within a building or people in an outdoor stadium, or across an expansive military base, NOTIFIER’s communication systems deliver highly effective, attention-grabbing results. Graphic displays, LED signage, and even distributed recipient technologies such as email, text messages and computer pop-ups are additional capabilities NOTIFIER offers to help facility managers and security directors ensure the right messages reach the right people.

More information on FirstCommand and other NOTIFIER fire alarm and emergency communication solutions is available on www.notifier.com. To locate a local NOTIFIER engineered systems distributor for a product demonstration, contact a regional sales manager.

EDITOR’S NOTE: High- and low-resolution images of NOTIFIER’s FirstCommand and other fire alarm and emergency communications products are available online. Please direct all NOTIFIER leads to: Notifier.Communications@Honeywell.com.

Beth Welch