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Released: 02/22/2017

ONYXWorks® and FirstVision [Version 4]

NOTIFIER is pleased to announce the next generation of ONYXWorks and FirstVision [Version 4] - a powerful, versatile platform for life safety management. Version 4 features a single, streamlined configuration tool, along with flexible, intuitive displays.

ONYXWorks is a Graphical User Interface for centralized monitoring and control of the life safety system, typically used in mid-to large scale facilities. The display includes floor plans and the location of all life safety devices. This allows staff to rapidly pinpoint and respond to alarm events. The system operator, based on their user profile, can control the system allowing them to Acknowledge, Silence, Reset, as well as Disable or Enable points. When an event happens, it is automatically displayed on the workstation, and the system will auto-navigate and zoom to the floor plan and device in alarm.

ONYXWorks 4.0 provides operational efficiencies and improved situational awareness.

  • Customizable display
  • Dual monitors providing flexibility to display information as desire
  • Macro Organizational Utility for more efficient search and retrieval
  • Expanded Capacity (History files) simplifies retrieval and report creation

Version 4’s platform offers backwards compatibility and allows you to transfer ONYXWorks Version 3 as well as FirstVision Versions 1.8 and 3 databases when upgrading to Version 4. Version 4 supports 19” and 22” FirstVision models.

ONYXWorks and FirstVision Version 4.0 are available to order now. , When fast response to emergencies and minimizing disruption or downtime is important, trust NOTIFIER to get the RIGHT MESSAGE, to the RIGHT PEOPLE, at the RIGHT TIME.