Commercial Gas

E3 Point Gas Monitor, Sensepoint XCD
NOTIFIER's Sensepoint XCD and E3 Point Gas Monitor provides protection and cost savings for a wide range of commercial applications. 

NOTIFIER's Sensepoint XCD and E3 Point Gas Monitor provides continuous and comprehensive monitoring of flammable, toxic and combustable gas hazards. Designed for flexible operation and cost effectiveness, NOTIFIER's commercial gas detection monitors and controllers provides solutions for a variety of new and retrofit commercial operations including office buildings, school, universities, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels and parking garages.

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Sensepoint XCD
  • Flammable (catalytic or infrared), toxic and oxygen versions available
  • SurecellTM electrochemical sensors, poison immune infrared sensors and poison resistant catalytic bead sensors
  • User friendly and intuitive tri-color backlit display with digits, bar graph and icons
  • Plug-in display module removes to give access to terminal area
  • MODBUS multi drop option offers cabling savings
E3 Point Gas Monitor
  • Comes in standalone, standalone with remote (dual gas mode) or network versions
  • Works with virtually any BAS including BACnet, Modbus or LonWorks*
  • Detects CO, NO2, O2, H2, H2S, CH4, C3H8
  • Advanced electrochemical (for toxic gases) and catalytic bead (for combustible gases) sensor performance
  • Uses patented Reflex® and smart cartridge technologies


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