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Need help with NOTIFIER products and solutions? Here's how to contact us. 

Office and Support


  • 12 Clintonville Road
  • Northford, CT 06472
  • USA
  • Tel: 203-484-7161
  • Fax: 203-484-7118
  • Toll-Free: 1-800-289-3473


  • US Service Representatives
  • Tel: 1-203-484-7161
  • Fax: 1-203-484-7118
  • Toll-Free: 1-800-289-3473


  • E-mail: Notifier.Communications@Honeywell.com


Tel: 770-689-0700


Find a Sales Contact

Name: Dick Bauer

Title: Vice President of Sales

Email: Richard.Bauer@Honeywell.com

Contact Number: 203-484-6502

Region: All Regions

Name: Jeff DiPeso

Title: Eastern Field Sales Manager

Email: Jeff.DiPeso@Honeywell.com

Contact Number: 203-484-5570

Region: Eastern Regions -- REGIONS 7-13

Name: Rob Martin

Title: Western Field Sales Manager

Email: Rob.Martin@Honeywell.com

Contact Number: 203-484- 5560

Region: Western Regions -- REGIONS 1-6

Name: Don Austin

Title: Regional Sales Manager

Email: Donald.Austin@Honeywell.com

Contact Number: 615-308-0682

Region: Southeast Region-Region 7

States: (AL, AR, GA, TN)

Name: Don Lowe

Title: Regional Sales Manager

Email: Don.Lowe@Honeywell.com

Contact Number: 203-484-5567

Region: MidWest Region-Region 6

States: (IL (North), MN, WI)

Name: Eric Mikessell

Title: Regional Sales Manager

Email: Eric.Mikessell@Honeywell.com

Contact Number: 816-260-5914

Region: Central Region-Region 5

States: (IL (South), IA, KS, MO, NE, ND, OK, SD)

Name: John Knox

Title: Regional Sales Manager

Email: John.Knox@Honeywell.com

Contact Number: 614-397-3176

Region: Mid-Central Region-Region 10

States: (IN, KY, MI, OH, WV)

Name: Garth Dehoff

Title: Regional Sales Manager

Email: Garth.Dehoff@Honeywell.com

Contact Number: 717-873-8214

Region: Mid-Atlantic Region-Region 11

States: (DE, MD, NJ (South), PA, VA (North), DC)

Name: Mark Ewing

Title: Regional Sales Manager

Email: Mark.Ewing@Honeywell.com

Contact Number: 480-249-2862

Region: West Central Region-Region 3

States: (AZ, CO, NV (Las Vegas), NM, TX (El Paso), UT, WY)

Name: Mark Gilmore

Title: Regional Sales Manager

Email: Mark.Gilmore@Honeywell.com

Contact Number: 214-763-5623

Region: Gulf Cost Region-Region 4

States: (LA, MS, TX (Except El Paso))

Name: Mike Rizzotti

Title: Regional Sales Manager

Email: Mike.Rizzotti@Honeywell.com

Contact Number: 516-359-4324

Region: NYC CT-Region 12

States: (CT, NJ (North), NYC)

Name: Ricky Houde

Title: Regional Sales Manager

Email: Ricky.Houde@Honeywell.com

Contact Number: 603-315-0318

Region: NewEngland Region-Region 13

States: (ME, MA, NH, NY, RI, VT)

Name: Ross Felton

Title: Regional Sales Manager

Email: Ross.Felton@Honeywell.com

Contact Number: 910-916-1379

Region: South-Central Region-Region 9

States: (NC, SC, VA (South))

Name: Sam Aviles

Title: Regional Sales Manager

Email: Sam.Aviles@Honeywell.com

Contact Number: 925-353-6039

Region: West Coast Region-Region 2

States: (CA (Central/South), HI)

Name: Webb Hopkins

Title: Regional Sales Manager

Email: Webb.Hopkins@Honeywell.com

Contact Number: 425-686-2332

Region: Northwest Region-Region 1

States: (AK, CA (Bay/North), ID, MT, NV (North), OR, WA)