Our History

Here are some key milestones in NOTIFIER's 60 years of innovation, growth, and industry leadership.

2017 NOTIFIER®’s next generation of ONYXWorks® and FirstVision™ [Version 4] - a powerful, versatile platform for life safety management, is introduced.  VESDA-E series of aspirating smoke detectors can now exchange information directly with NOTIFIER's ONYX® Series Fire Alarm Control Panels.

2016 XAS Air Sampling Smoke Detection and FAAST XT Pro are added to the NOTIFIER portfolio.

2015 NOTIFIER expands advanced detection offering with the release of FAAST XT (aspiration detection coverage for up to 28,800 sq. feet), FAAST XS (aspiration detection solution to better serve the needs of small data centers and environmentally challenging spaces), and a new wireless FW-RM relay module to our SWIFT line of devices.

2014 NOTIFIER launches eVance™ Services software, consisting of Inspection Manager and Service Manager.  SWIFT® Wireless launches, a robust mesh network with UL listed Class A communication mesh protocol.

2013 NOTIFIER launches FirstCommand™, for small facilities that require voice evacuation or emergency communication systems.  Marine versions of the NFS2-3030 control panel and NCA-2 network annunciator are now approved for marine applications. NOTIFIER ONYX® systems have been tested and approved to the UL 2572 standard.

2012 NOTIFIER releases the VESDA™ Gateway, providing a communication link between the NOTIFIRE-NET™ network and VESDAnet™.

2011 NOTIFIER announces a combination photoelectric and carbon monoxide detector, FCO-851, for enhanced life safety in hotels, dormitories, apartments, condominiums, nursing homes and hospitals.

2010 Introduces IPGSM-COM IP Internet and Digital Cellular Fire-Communicator, and FAAST™ Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology. Expands voice evacuation and emergency communications systems capability with ONYX Digital Audio 4.0. NOTIFIER’s ONYX fire alarm panels are approved for use in any seismic zone

2009 NOTIFIER Obtains FM 6320 Listing for Gas Detection on the NFS2-3030 fire alarm panel, an industry first…NOTIFIER extends limited warranty to 36 months for U.S. manufactured fire systems. NOTIFIER releases its high speed NOTI-FIRE-NET network that is up to 100 times faster than competitive networks.

2008 Introduces ONYX Digital Voice Command 3.0… NOTIFIER fire alarm systems selected to protect facilities and venues at 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing.

2007 NOTIFIER achieves UL 864 9th Edition compliance—6 months ahead of required date…Introduces ONYX ExitPoint with voice.

2006 Introduces NOTI-FIRE-NET fire system network and ONYX Digital Voice Command.

2005 Launches ONYX ExitPoint—an audible exit sign that can reduce evacuation times by 75%...Launches ONYX FirstVision—an interactive touch screen PC that helps firefighters pinpoint the origin and migration of a fire… Launches NOTIFY-IP which provides remote monitoring and control of emergency communications systems through Internet Protocol.

2004 NOTIFIER fire alarm systems selected to protect facilities and venues at 2004 Summer Olympic Games in Athens…ONYX Intelligent Sensing Introduces FireWarden series fire alarm control panel…Introduces ONYXWorks Integrated Fire Alarm and Security System.

2001 NOTIFIER launches the ONYX Series of intelligent fire alarm control panels.

2000 NOTIFIER first to release a fire and security monitoring system—the UniNet 2000—capable of interfacing with other manufacturers’ fire systems.

1999 Honeywell International Inc purchases Pittway Corp. NOTIFIER becomes part of Honeywell's Fire Systems Group.

1996 NOTIFIER first with laser- based spot type intelligent detector.

1993 NOTIFIER becomes the first in the industry to be approved under ISO 9001 standards and the first to move analog intelligent systems into the "small" building category.

1988 NOTIFIER expands to new 252,000 square-foot facility in Northford, Connecticut.

1987 Pittway Corporation acquires NOTIFIER.

1968 NOTIFIER sold to Emhart Corporation, the firm occupied a building totaling 40,000 square feet…adds 20,000 square feet to accommodate the manufacturing of smoke detectors and the designing of microprocessor-controlled panels and integrated audio/voice evacuation systems.

1962 NOTIFIER selected to provide the fire detection system for the Seattle World's Fair.

1956 NOTIFIER Manufacturing Company assets transferred to the newly formed NOTIFIER Corporation in Lincoln, NE.

1949 Founded as the NOTIFIER Manufacturing Company by Oliver T. Joy in Waverly, Nebraska.