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About Site Survey

Site Survey allows buildings to be pre-qualified for wireless applications. It is a procedure designed to help you assess if SWIFT is the best option for a given job site.
Any SWIFT wireless devices that are not programmed to be part of a SWIFT mesh network can be used to perform Site Survey tests:

Point to point signal strength test
Devices are set up in sequence to establish the point to point signal strength from location to location within a building. Each device will provide an indication for the signal quality back to the location of the previous device, so that the system designer can have confidence that a mesh will perform well in the tested space.


Background noise test
Devices can also be used to perform an analysis of RF activity within the frequency range of the ISM band used by SWIFT. When set into the Site Survey mode for this test, devices will monitor all channels used by SWIFT for activity.


The SWIFT TOOLS software suite can be used to extract detailed information from devices used for site surveys. Performing a Site Survey beforehand can provide valuable insights on the viability of a proposed wireless site. Note: The W-USB USB dongle is required for use with SWIFT TOOLS, which can be ordered separately from NOTIFIER.