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eVance FAQs

You asked, we answered.

What are the minimum requirements for using the eVance™ mobile apps?

Apple iPhone5/5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPod Touch 5G, and iPad Mini with the latest version of iOS are supported. The minimum required operating system for Android devices is Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.


Can I give my customers access to their reports online?



What reports are available in eVance™?

Currently eVance supports the following standard reports:

  1. NFPA 72
  2. Joint Commission
  3. NFPA10
  4. Corrective Action
  5. Device Sensitivity
  6. NFPA 25
  7. NFPA 2001
  8. NFPA Record of Completion
  9. General Report
  10. Facility Inspection


Who do I contact if I have trouble registering and getting started as a new eVance™ user?

Questions or concerns regarding how to get started with eVance should be directed to the Customer Specialist via email at: evancesetup@Honeywell.com.


Who do I contact for questions or concerns regarding placing or checking the status of an order?

Any questions or concerns regarding placing an order or checking the status of an existing order for eVance™ licenses or hardware should be directed to your HSF customer service rep.

NOTIFIER – 1-800-289-3473, Press 2 for customer service

Gamewell – FCI – 1-800-633-1311 for customer service

SilentKnight – 1-800-328-0103 for customer service

Hours of operation- M-F 8:00am-5:00pm EST, closed on major US observed Holidays


Who do I contact to request training?

Virtual trainings can be scheduled by request. Requests should be directed to the Customer Specialist via email at evancesetup@Honeywell.com or by phone at 203-484-6178.


How do I contact technical support?

HSF Technical support is available from 8:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. Monday – Friday EST at evancetechsupport@honeywell.com or by phone at 1-800-289-3473

Press 1 – For Technical Support

Press 1 – For On-site Support

Press 2 – For eVance™


Can I use my own work order numbers when creating jobs?

Yes. eVance™ will automatically create and assign a random sequential work order number when a new job is created. You can replace this number when creating a new job by clicking in the Work Order No. box, then deleting and or typing over the existing work order number.


Does the MAP function show the GPS location of the technicians?

No. eVance™ does not support GPS. The map function only shows where the technicians are scheduled to be based on the jobs they are assigned to.


What happens after I purchase an eVance™ software license(s)?

See the eVance™ Onboarding Final Guide.pdf for details on what to expect and what happens after a license is purchased. Note: Once you have placed one initial order for eVance™ licenses, the first order generates an Order Confirmation as well as a Welcome/Registration email from eVance™. For all subsequent orders you will only receive an Order Confirmation, as you have already completed the registration process for your “customer” account. Please note that the person who placed the order and provided their email address will be considered the initial administrator for eVance™.


How do I split my license purchase(s) into 12 equal monthly payments?

License orders can be split in 12 equal monthly payments depending upon the purchase method:

If placing an order through your customer service rep complete the SAP eVance™ Order Form Honeywell Excel_070716.pdf Be sure to select Monthly as the Payment Option.

If placing the order on the eVance™ ecommerce store you will see a Products tab at the top; if you drop down that list you will see “Inspection Manager Licenses (IM) and Service Manger Licenses(SM).” Click on the product in which you want to purchase and select either the IM or SM product that indicates “Annual License, Monthly Billing.” Select the quantity you’d like to purchase, and based on the quantity your appropriate discount level will be applied. When selecting this product, you are committed to an annual license with monthly billing terms. Example: If you buy one SM annual, monthly billed license at the price of $64.50 you will be billed for $64.50 for the remaining 11 months.


Can I split my hardware order over 12 monthly payments?

No, only software licenses can be billed on monthly terms.


What do I do if the person placing the order is different than the designated eVance™ Administrator?

If a purchase was done on the ecommerce portal or through your customer service rep with one person’s name and information, that person can forward the Welcome/Registration email to the designated admin to complete the registration process.


Are there volume discounts if I buy more licenses at one time?

Yes, you can take advantage of discounted pricing. The discounting starts at a minimum of 5 of one type of license.

Level 1 – 5-9 of one type of license (either Inspection Manager or Service Manager)

Level 2 – 10-14 of one license type

Level 3 – 15-19 of one license type

Level 4 – 20-29 of one license type

Level 5 – 30-49 of one license type

Level 6 – 50 and above of one license type

Check on the eVance™ page or contact customer support to obtain the specific percentages for the various discount levels.

There are different levels of discounting based on the license type; therefore combined licenses (i.e. Inspection Manager and Service Manager Licenses) will not meet the allowed quantity for a volume discounting (i.e. you can’t buy 3 Inspection Manager and 2 Service Manager licenses to hit a discount level.