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How to Buy eVance

There are two methods to purchase eVance™ and support either one-time purchases or monthly billing as an alternative option.


Who: ESDs who have established credit accounts

What: eVance™ Licenses (Inspection and Service Manager) and Equipment (web portals, bar codes and scanners)

Note: Equipment cannot be billed on a monthly basis, just licenses

When: eVance™ Licenses purchased through SAP will be for a one year period regardless of how they are billed (one-time or monthly)

How: eVance™ orders are place through local RSMs or through a Customer Service representative

Note: When filling out the order, it is important to note if it’s a new or renewal order


Who: ESDs and End Users wanting to pay by Credit Card

What: eVance™ Licenses (Inspection and Service Manager) and Equipment (bar codes and scanners). There are different License products depending on how you want to pay (one-time or monthly) on the site.

When: eVance™ one-time licenses purchased through the eCommerce site will be for a one year period. Within evanceservices.com, on the License Management tab, you will see one year from the date of purchase as the expiration date. However, for monthly billed products purchased from the eCommerce site, you will see 30 days from date of purchase, and each month as the license(s) are renewed it will increment 30 days each time.

Where: http://evance.ecomm.honeywell.com

How: You can go to the site to purchase directly and manage your own orders. License orders placed through the eCommerce site are fulfilled immediately, though they will not be reflect back in SAP until the month following.

Advantages for purchasing using the eComm site:

  • The ability to purchase licenses by either a single credit card payment or by spreading payments over the annual 12-month license period
  • Purchasing via credit card does not impact credit limit for equipment purchasing
  • Automatic annual renewal notification and license extension
  • Volume discounting based on # licenses purchased of a specific type
  • Ability to buy a “short-term” license(s) based on seasonal or project need