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NOTIFIER INSPIRE™ and Self-Test Detection Technology

Fire Safety That Does More. NOTIFIER INSPIRE™ and Self-Test Detection Technology

The next generation of NOTIFIER life safety systems is here. We are excited to announce the release our new panel series, NOTIFIER INSPIRE™, and our game-changing NOTIFIER Self-Test series of detectors, both of which are taking fire and life safety to the next level.

Empowered by Honeywell’s Connected Life Safety Services (CLSS) software, the NOTIFIER INSPIRE™ systems and Self-Test detectors deliver a cohesive, end to end integrated solution that minimizes disruptions, maximizes what you can do remotely, and delivers guaranteed compliance – helping make your customers’ buildings safer and more protected.

Gone are the days of constant equipment changes, manually transcribed building reports, and week-long tests and inspections. This new suite of solutions will save you and your customers time and money, help you win more business, and further position NOTIFIER as the go-to for commercial life safety solutions.

Product Highlights

NOTIFIER INSPIRE™ Series: A fully networkable life safety system designed to scale up with any installation, minimize the needs for equipment changes, and provide secure connectivity with industry compliance. This scalable, single panel solution is now easier to install, simpler to use, and can notably enhance technician efficiency.

NOTIFIER Self-Test detectors: The first UL-approved detectors that can be tested automatically. Our self-testing detectors connect with the NOTIFIER INSPIRE™ panel and Honeywell’s CLSS gateway to enable remote testing, meaning each device can be tested at the touch of a button, removing the need for full access to difficult or occupied spaces and drastically reducing the time it takes to conduct a thorough inspection.