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Software as a Service

eVance™ Services Solution is software that streamlines your business. Honeywell Security and Fire’s eVance™ Services is a comprehensive, connected field solution suite that automates and centralizes building inspection and service management operations using mobile technology. eVance™ gives you the power to transform your business from the palm of your hand. eVance™ Services solution consists of two mobile applications – Inspection Manager and Service Manager – which have been designed by fire industry professionals for fire industry professionals.

Inspection Manager

Inspection Manager improves the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of testing and inspection activities while also providing compliant, professionally formatted reports customized with your company’s details. eVance™ Inspection Manager delivers your customers’ test data to your mobile device and offers a unique end-to-end solution. You can track addressable and non-addressable points – as well as existing barcode assets – with real-time panel access and integrated barcode and scanner technology.

For verifiable reporting, you can use the visual capture to photograph any area or piece of equipment that requires a corrective action, and then attach that visual validation to any of our compliant inspection reports. You can also generate signatures and email all designated contacts, including your local authorities and fire marshal, while still on premise. eVance™ automates your record keeping and provides 24/7 access to encrypted data.

Service Manager

Service Manager enhances productivity and communications by using centralized information management and real-time data sharing, which means you can manage, assign, and track your service technicians. With real-time mobile access to information such as job site specifics, system events, service history, and diagnostic data, the technician can quickly respond by sending the right person at the right time with the equipment needed to address your customers’ issues. eVance™ allows you to be proactive with your business: engage your customers and boost their confidence in your abilities by contacting and scheduling them for upcoming fire inspections, equipment replacements, or corrective action handling. You can also efficiently react to automatic alerts and notifications on connected fire systems.