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Released: 09/05/2018

Intelligent VESDA-E Detectors Now Available

Honeywell (NYSE: HON), a leader in Connected Buildings, today announced its advanced smoke detection technology – capable of detecting and reporting smoke at its inception, before a fire develops – can now integrate with some of the most widely used fire panels in commercial buildings without the need for additional hardware or wiring. Combining Intelligent VESDA-E detection technology with NOTIFIER and fire systems allows owners and operators to easily upgrade Connected Buildings to improve occupant safety.

“The true measure of innovative technology in this industry is the ability to keep people safe faster and smarter, and VESDA has proven itself in this area for decades,” said Samir Jain, general manager at Honeywell Fire Americas. “Combining this advanced detection technology with proven legacy brands like NOTIFIER shows exactly what a smart building fire detection system looks like.”

The Intelligent VESDA-E detector resides on the Signaling Line Circuit (SLC) loop of a fire panel and directly communicates with NOTIFIER fire systems. Unlike traditional spot detectors, VESDA-E’s patented technology actively draws in air from the environment and can notify building staff to potential fires before they develop. The technology is ideal when very early warning of a potential fire is needed and for highly secure environments where routine maintenance and servicing would disrupt daily operations. The VESDA portfolio, which Honeywell acquired from Xtralis in 2016, is the most widely used advanced smoke detection technology in telecommunications and data center applications. It also is increasingly used in the healthcare, education, retail, logistics and transportation industries.

From advanced fire protection solutions to smarter security capabilities, Honeywell helps owners and operators leverage building connectivity to simplify management of increasingly complex building environments and improve occupants’ safety. Honeywell’s portfolio consists of the most-trusted and best-known brands in the security and fire safety industries; each designed to be easy to use, install and maintain – even in the most demanding and critical environments. Being among the most widely used fire panels in commercial buildings, NOTIFIER customers can now maximize their protection capabilities with Intelligent VESDA-E technology.