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Released: 09/12/2018

NCD - Network Control Display 10” High Definition Color Touchscreen

Now available, NOTIFIER’s new 10” high definition, color touchscreen offers an intuitive user interface unique to the marketplace. From simplifying system use to providing a wide breadth of sophisticated fire alarm functions, the NCD was designed for an unmatched user experience.

Users can quickly and accurately respond to events without the distraction of confusing hard key buttons and cryptic messages. Along with customizable, guided instructional text, the NCD is simple-to-use with built-in features that include:

  • Dedicated sections of the display for the menu, control and active events
  • Color coded detailed event list and event counters
  • Prioritized events in the header bar
  • Scrolling functionality and event vectoring

Built with modern technology for today’s modern aesthetics, the NCD is the first release of our new control platform. The NCD enables a consistent and cohesive experience utilizing the same NOTIFIER design as ONYXWorks® version 4 and System Manager. Common design helps reduce your overall training.

The NCD provides you the flexibility to be used as a network display as well as a primary display on the ONYX Series Panels (NFS2-3030, NFS2-640 and NFS-320SYS) in “direct connect” mode. This functionality gives you the opportunity to refresh the look of current panels at minimal cost.

We also are offering new dress plates. DP-GDIS1 for use in the top row of CAB-4 series enclosures and DP-GDIS2 for use in all rows except the top row of CAB-4 series enclosures.

The NCD is UL listed and available in English language. For additional details, please refer to the NCD product page on our website.