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  2. New System Sensor L-Series Indoor Notification Devices Now Available
Released: 02/06/2017

New System Sensor L-Series Indoor Notification Devices Now Available

NOTIFIER is pleased to announce the launch of the new System Sensor L-Series indoor line of notification devices. This Xenon based platform replaces the SpectrAlert Advance product line and provides lower current draw, a modern sleek design and smaller footprint. The new L-Series line includes horns, horn/strobes, chimes, chime/strobes, strobe only, speakers and speaker strobes along with a variety of accessories including colored lenses, surface mount back boxes and trim rings. New additions to the portfolio include compact horns and strobes, ceiling chime strobes, 8” speaker with tile bridge, as well as bezel kits for alternate marking.

Enhanced solutions with the new competitive platform include:

  • Lowered cost of ownership
    • Up to 38% lower current draw on strobe devices reducing the amount of power supplies per system
  • Easily customize devices for emergency communication systems
    • Modular colored lenses and marking bezels, eliminating hard to apply decals, for quick field customization
  • Quickly add-on, replace, or upgrade existing systems
    • Devices are backwards compatible and can share the same circuit as existing System Sensor SpectrAlert and SpectrAlert Advance notification devices
    • Standard size devices match the same footprint as SpectrAlert Advance

The new L-Series indoor line of notification devices is available to order now! Please contact your local NOTIFIER Engineered Systems Distributor for more information.