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Product Announcement - Announcing FAAST XS

NOTIFIER is excited to introduce FAAST (Fire Alarm Aspirating Technology) XS, the latest addition to the FAAST Series line of aspirating smoke detectors. This new, smaller FAAST unit will enable you to better serve the needs of small data centers, environmentally challenging spaces such as manufacturing or process plants or any area within a facility where standard spot smoke detectors may be subject to nuisance alarm conditions. The ability to quickly test the entire FAAST pipe network from one easily accessible test port can simplify testing associated with standard detectors. FAAST XS is presently available in two models, FSA-5000 (Intelligent FAAST XS) and 7100X (Conventional FAAST XS).

Covering up to 5,000 square feet FAAST XS delivers all the features of FAAST such as the ability to be configured for Very Early Warning, Early Warning and standard fire protection, three-stage filtration and multiple built-in integration options. This new addition to the FAAST line up allows you apply aspirating smoke detection to a broader range of applications.

Features Benefits
  • Up to 5,000 square feet of coverage
  • Multi-alarm levels and two sensitivity modes
  • Ultrasonic flow sensing for pipe and chamber air-flow measurements
  • Built – in e-mail event notification
  • Intelligent integration into current ONYX series fire panels (FSA-5000)
  • Three stage filtration technology

  • Application flexibility
  • Affordable option for small applications
  • Programing flexibility
  • Early notification of pipe network trouble conditions
  • Immediate notification to appropriate personnel
  • No modules, interfaces or high level gateways needed; reducing installation costs and time
  • Detailed reporting at FACP
  • Nuisance alarm rejection, while identifying true fire conditions
  • Reduced maintenance even in harsh environments
FAAST Family Ordering Information
Model Number Description Datasheet Number
FSA-5000(A  NEW - FAAST XS Intelligent, aspirating smoke detector, covering up to 5,000 SQ FT DN-60792
7100X(A)  NEW - FAAST XS Conventional, aspirating smoke detector, covering up to 5,000 SQ FT DN-60791
FSA-8000(A)  FAAST XM Intelligent, aspirating smoke detector, covering up to 8,000 SQ FT DN-60792
8100(A)  FAAST XM Conventional, aspirating smoke detector, covering up to 8,000 SQ FT DN-60791
FSA-20000(A)  FAAST XT Intelligent, aspirating smoke detector, covering up to 28,800 SQ FT DN-60792
9400X(A)  FAAST XT Conventional, aspirating smoke detector, covering up to 28,800 SQ FT DN-60791

Note: For ULC applications add “A” a suffix to model number.

All FAAST series aspirating detectors require the PipeIQ software programming utility for initial configuration and for designing the pipe network. The latest version of PipeIQ is version 2.2.7 that supports FAAST XS, allowing you to apply any or all FAAST series devices within one project. PipeIQ 2.2.7 is available for download from the System Sensor website (www.systemsensor.com).

Also, please note that we offer FAAST Certification training at no-cost to you. This 4-hour training course can be facilitated at your location, and also includes 4 hours of CEU credit on the NTS scale. We also offer free design of the FAAST pipe network, which includes a complete aspiration system layout and bill of materials. For more information on certification training on the East Coast, please contact Luis Barros at Luis.Barros@honeywell.com, and on the West Coast, please contact Greg Lyons at Greg.Lyons@honeywell.com. Additionally for assistance with the design of a FAAST pipe network at no charge, please visit www.systemsensor.com/FAASTDesign and fill out the questionnaire.

Please contact your Customer Service Representative at 1-800-289-3473 for pricing information and to place an order. For any technical questions pertaining to this notice please contact Technical Service at 1-800-289-3473 or notifier.tech@honeywell.com.