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  2. XAS Air-Sampling Smoke Detection
Released: 11/14/2016

XAS Air-Sampling Smoke Detection

NOTIFIER is pleased to announce the release of the Xtralis XAS air sampling smoke detection solution. XAS combines addressable spot smoke detection with traditional air sampling techniques. Air is drawn from the protected area through sampling holes in a flexible pipe network utilizing a high- performance aspirator. Sampled air is then passed by an addressable spot detector inside the XAS housing to determine if an alarm condition exists.

In addition to traditional duct applications, XAS can be applied in challenging applications where traditional spot detectors can be hard to access and maintain or where the device can be adversely affected by the environment of the area it is protecting. Applications would include the top of elevator shafts, inside prison cells, transformer vaults and MRI rooms. Mounted at a convenient floor-level location, XAS provides:

  • Detection points in the protected area are tamper-proof and unobtrusive to reduce the opportunity for damage
  • Eliminating the need for extra equipment such as an aerial lift or ladder to service spot detectors
  • Eliminating the need for additional personnel or permissions such as armed security guards, elevator technicians or confined space permits when installed in restricted areas

Together with NOTIFIER’s series control panels, XAS provides a flexible, remote aspiration detection solution to protect restricted-access areas, while providing ease of access for servicing.