Honeywell Connected Life Safety Services

Honeywell Connected Life Safety Services places connectivity at the heart of fire safety, providing visibility to drive timely and accurate decision making.

The Honeywell CLSS platform harnesses the power of hardware and software to transform the way systems are designed, installed, monitored and maintained.

Whether you are looking to streamline commissioning, increase service productivity, or access reporting anytime, from anywhere, look to Honeywell CLSS.


CLSS Horizon

  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) for Fire System Monitoring / Situational Awareness
  • Graphic visualization allows users to quickly identify and respond to events
  • Monitor a single building or an entire campus
  • Easily meets the needs of expanding systems
  • LAN-Connected Horizon is a PC-based application for fire system monitoring via Ethernet on a Local Area Network
  • Cloud-Connected Horizon is connects via Cloud platform with multiple connection options (cellular or IP)
Site Manager
  • Track inspection progress in real time from office
  • Eliminate unnecessary site visits and avoid delays
  • Increase first time fix rates
  • Create service orders directly in the app
Direct Panel Connectivity
  • Panel control while onsite from a mobile device
  • Accurate device count throughout an entire facility
Mobile Connectivity
  • 1 Man Commissioning is now possible
  • Visibility of system anytime, anywhere
Automatic Report Generation
  • Accurate and immediate report generation
  • Supports complex reports like The Joint Commission

And so much more. Click Here to experience CLSS and request a live demo today!


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