The DVC-RPU is a compact digital remote paging unit enabling all-call or vectored paging capability for emergency events or general paging announcements

The DVC-RPU is a digital Remote Paging Unit for applications that require a compact remote paging station for emergency, fire, or general paging, initiation of automatic messages, vectored pages, and control capabilities for up to 24 points. This unit also accommodates activating pre-recorded messages and controlling or monitoring various functions via the 24 programmable buttons. Up to 32 DVC-RPUs can be supported per DVC.

Features and Benefits:

  • Compact unit uses a small footprint
  • Thumb latch lock option for compliance with UFC requirements


  • DVC Programming for associated DVC-RPUs is accomplished using VeriFire® Tools
  • Up to three programmable message priority levels determined by site programming may be used to allow high-priority emergency pages to override lower priority general pages
  • 24 programmable buttons may be used for a range of functions, including:
    • Control for vectored pages
    • Control for HVAC shutdown, door release, or other emergency functions
    • Initiation of recorded messages and other event annunciation
    • Annunciation of activation or trouble for audio zones or other points
  • Optional DS-RFM, DS-FM, and DS-SFM fiber modules maybe used to convert one or both Digital Audio Ports for operation with single-mode or multi-mode fiber
  • Distribution via NOTI•FIRE•NET™ of one channel of standard-level paging audio on NOTI•FIRE•NET™
  • Can be configured with the CAB-RP(R) and CMIC-RP to create a small wall-mounted remote paging station with control functions
  • CAB-RP(R) cabinet includes provisions for custom labeling. Labels included with each DVC-RPU (for use with AHJ approval) are “MASS NOTIFICATION” and “HVAC EMERGENCY SHUTDOWN.”


  • UL Listed: S635
  • CSFM: 7165-0028-0224 (with NFS2-3030)
  • Fire Dept. of NY: COA#6114 (with NFS2-3030)
  • FM Approved


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